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Studio Patachitra is a labour of love for animation. The love for animation has brought three friends (Manoj Pradhan, Ankur Majumder and Andrew Hung) together to form Studio Patachitra. Patachitra is a vibrant and expressive folk art dating back to the 13th century East Bengal era. The beauty of it’s originality and essence is similar to the mindset of the three Co-founders. That is why they decided to keep the name of their agency as “Studio Patachitra”. We believe that every story can be transformed into an Animation since it’s a very powerful and intriguing medium to filmmaking. Animation has no limits and is only constrained by your imagination, so also we desire to take the medium of 2D Animation to the World. Our motto is to transform the lives of people and give them the power to imagine the unthinkable by creating a well scripted 2D Animated Shorts and Films.

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